Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra cricket associations barred to attend AGM

By Nitin Srivastava New Delhi [India], Oct 9 (ANI): As the Board of Control for Cricket in India's (BCCI) election are around the corner, a source close to Committee of Administrators (CoA) has raised questions on the non-participation of three state cricket associations - Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra."Three state associations are barred from attending the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) of BCCI as they have not amended the constitution as per recommendation," the source told exclusively to ANI."This was not a unanimously taken decision, it was 2:1 because everybody has to be on the same page, either they are compliant or non compliant, and if they are just because of the constitution and non compliant then those who are compliant with the constitution but holding the elections in a wrong way and getting non-qualified persons elected, why no action should be taken against them," the source added. The source also said that electing a "wrong person" will also a bigger problem."A wrong person elected is also a bigger problem because CoA has received so many complaints against them such as Baroda, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, and Rajasthan. So, why no action against those states, why only these three states," the source asked. "From the constitution, the others who are saying that they have compliant with BCCI but have done their elections completely wrong and got disqualified people elected, MLAs elected, over 70 years elected, persons who have completed more than 9 years elected. So that's also not fair how can those people come into BCCI," the source added. "There should have a level playing field for everybody. There are more than 25 objections on DDCA, so, why no action?" the official concluded.The election will be held in Mumbai on October 23. (ANI)

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